Quantum Leadership Skills to Master for Your Healthcare Back Office

As promised in a previous episode, The Modern Healthcare Back Office podcast is back to further discuss the concept of quantum leadership. During the last conversation on this topic, Prochant healthcare back-office expert Rachel Schools explained how quantum leadership better opens the flow of communication in comparison to the traditional leadership approach.

Before diving into this newer approach, it’s important to remember that each organization's ideal quantum leadership parameters are going to be unique to their business. To get started, learn the universal quantum leadership skills that your organization needs to focus on mastering.


Quantum leadership removes the chain of command when it comes to communication. Doing so allows information to flow more freely throughout an organization. However, this can only be achieved when all team members feel comfortable interacting with each other. 

Fortunately, groups can develop their communication skills through various team building activities and exercises. Communication-based activities like escape rooms, murder mysteries, and trivia can improve your team’s ability to exchange information when they return to the office. 

Starting meetings with a short unrelated segment that gets your team talking can also improve the level of engagement from participants. Taking a second to connect with the members of your team helps everyone involved feel more comfortable and open to sharing their ideas. 


The more you’re able to put yourself in a team member’s shoes, the better you’ll be able to understand and communicate with them. Being able to see things from each team member's point of view significantly increases your ability to meet everyone in the group's needs.

A little positive reinforcement also goes a long way. Acknowledging quality ideas is conducive to employees initiating conversations with co-workers on how your organization can operate more efficiently. Whenever team members feel their input is valued, they become more likely to share their opinion with the group. 

Eliminating Bias

Whenever you’re able to remove yourself from a situation and just look at the information, it positions you and your team to make the best possible decisions. One of the biggest challenges associated with quantum leadership is learning to bypass or override the neural pathways we’ve carved in our brains that aren’t serving you. 

Next Steps

Quantum leadership can’t be achieved overnight. Implementing the strategy takes time and is only possible when your entire organization adopts the approach. Hear all of the tips for applying the method to your organization in the full episode of The Modern Healthcare Back Office below and listen to other episodes of the podcast here.


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