Why Quantum Leadership Will Change Healthcare Back Office Forever

What is quantum leadership and why are top organizations implementing its principles into their best practices? Recently on The Modern Healthcare Back Office podcast, co-host and Prochant Senior Consultant Rachel Schools dived into this new approach for the healthcare back office. Consider this leadership style to better connect your team and see greater results for your bottom line.

What Is Quantum Leadership?

It’s a new and developing approach to leadership that brings in principles of quantum physics. Quantum leadership is a revolutionary way to lead.

To recall, traditional leadership has someone at the top of your organization saying, “Here’s how things are going to go.” Then from that person, you have your directors and teams who answer to them. This method works for a lot of companies and is traditionally what has been used for best practices.

Quantum leadership has the person at the top going to those at the very bottom and asking, “This is what we’re trying to achieve. How do you think you can get us here?” In a way, you are unleashing superpowers into your team and giving everyone the opportunity to start creatively collaborating and creating.

Principles of Quantum Leadership

  1. Inclusivity - Quantum leadership encourages a more inclusive and collaborative approach to leadership. Instead of relying on a single leader to make decisions, it involves all of your teams making decisions. For a back-office example, consider a cash-posting team that is having an accounts receivable problem. If you’re someone who knows you’ll be done with your cash posting an hour early, you can make the decision to go over to a team member and say, “I can see that you need some help over there. Can I help?”

  2. Empowerment - In the traditional model, we’re trained to just do our job. With the quantum model, leaders want to empower their staff to bring them decisions and have autonomy to make decisions.

  3. Interconnectedness - In the back office, there’s a line drawn between cash posting and working a rejection on a claim. There’s another line drawn between those two things and confirming a sales order. With quantum leadership, the leader and team members are all aware of how what they are doing is impacting everyone else. Everyone still has their own role, but everyone’s aware of what others are contributing and it makes for better communication and teamwork.

Key to Quantum Leadership

The key to this leadership style? Embody the fact that if you work on being the very best you, if you always try to have the right intentions, you can be ready for any situation at hand. Quantum leadership celebrates you learning to know yourself first. This enables you to be a better team member when it comes to problem solving or any area of the workplace.

Top organizations have taken quantum leadership into account and applied its methodology to better their teams. Slide into the future and change the culture of your office one meaningful way at a time to ensure better results and an engaged team.

If you’d like to learn more about quantum leadership, you can message Rachel Schools on LinkedIn here or email rachels@prochant.com

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