5 Office Workflow Solutions: A Guide for Home-Based Care Providers

Between staffing shortages, rising labor costs, and many more issues, home-based care providers are struggling in the back office. As the nation’s leading technology-driven healthcare reimbursement firm, Prochant has kept a close eye on tech solutions to help providers. 

With the healthcare industry changing and adapting to the ways of the modern office, it’s time home-based care providers familiarize themselves with workflow solutions to help their staff with onboarding, fix internal and patient communication, and transform their revenue cycles. Prochant has broken down an easy guide to five office workflow solutions.

Decision Support Systems 

These are computer programs that help guide your staff members through the revenue cycle process. Not everyone in your office can be an expert, so this solution can eliminate a lot of onboarding stress. Make training new staff members easier for you and your team! Learn about this solution here.

Patient Portals

Allow patients to access their health information 24/7 with these secure web and smartphone applications. Patient portals offer better communication between providers and patients, and increase the chance of re-orders and self-service. Learn about this solution here.


Why can automation be a good solution? Everywhere from data entry of brand new patients to resupply and prior authorizations, automation can help transform your revenue cycle. Not to mention, it can help reduce human error and save your staff time. Learn about this solution here.

Intelligent Work Queues

If your back office is struggling with timely filing, leaving difficult tasks for another day, or not funneling the right work to the right team member, intelligent work queues are what you want to look into implementing. Learn about this solution here.

Workflow Systems

If you’re not satisfied with your current workflow system, Prochant has examples of a common front-office and back-office RCM workflow queue. Be sure to cover your bases when designing your own systems. Learn about this solution here.

Have questions about these office workflow solutions? Explore these modern billing and reimbursement solutions with a Prochant expert by getting in touch with us here.

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