Are back-office labor shortages in health care the new norm?

Here's how you can protect your RCM process.

Hospital and physician groups voiced strong concerns in a recent survey regarding staffing shortages (Becker's Hospital Review). Nearly half of the revenue cycle leaders that responded indicated they are experiencing severe labor shortages. While 76% believe that this will improve by the end of 2022, could this be the new norm? If so, what do providers need to do in order to adapt?

  • Optimize existing processes
    • Streamline: Create a system that works for your staff. Workflow solutions like automation and decision support systems can help speed up your back office’s processes and make onboarding easier.
    • Eliminate waste: File away what you’re no longer using, go paperless, and change systems that aren’t increasing workflow efficiency for your team.
    • Reduce touches: Use workflow management solutions like intelligent work queues to avoid multiple touches and make sure work is sent to only the staff members it needs to go to.
  • Conduct business electronically wherever possible
    • Become accustomed to e-referrals (electronic referrals)
    • Get rid of your paper-based system where files are stacking up and potentially getting lost. Have everything exist on the computer. When you go paperless, it makes a world of difference to be able to easily access these digitally:
      • Claims
      • Payments
      • Deliveries
  • Partner with an RCM provider to "plug in" help directly where it is needed

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