Your Guide to HME Billing Solutions

Lend a helping hand to your billing team – and bottom line.

Providers, do any of the following words describe your typical work day as part of an HME billing company?

Hectic. Stressful. Jam-packed. Stretched-thin.

If you checked one (or all) on this list, you are in good company. Now more than ever, HME businesses face barriers to success such as competitive bidding, reduced reimbursements, and rising labor rates that place extra pressure on their billing teams. Backlogs build. Turnover surges. Tensions mount. Where can you turn when these issues arise?

The answer is clear: outsourcing. According to Merriam-Webster, this means “to procure (something, such as some goods or services needed by a business or organization) from outside sources.” So, when you need better HME billing services, outsourcing offers solutions.

These solutions come in many flavors. Let’s discuss the two options Prochant offers: full service billing and staff augmentation.

What is Full Service Billing?

Full service billing is a type of outsourcing that fully manages your HME billing processes. Say farewell to the struggles of managing a back-office billing team! From order confirmation to A/R management, the outsourcing partner you choose works with you to handle your revenue cycle.

HME Full Service Billing with Prochant

At Prochant, your daily partner is a U.S.-based account manager who serves as your single point of contact for questions, concerns, and consistent monitoring of your metrics. What results is a true partnership – one where we only get paid when you do – on a percentage of collections.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Not everyone needs full service billing. You might ask, “What if I just need more help?” There is an HME billing solution for these needs, too. Staff augmentation provides outsourcing for the areas that require extra attention: data conversions when changing software, logging CMNs, consignment closets, and special catch-up projects, among others.

HME Staff Augmentation with Prochant

Prochant’s experts become a natural extension of your HME billing team. With our staff augmentation model, you reduce headaches for your employees. Tasks small and large such as insurance verification and cash posting are handled by our staff. As a result, you can continue doing what you do best: growing your referrals and providing great patient care.

What HME Billing Service is Right for Me?

Is outsourcing your HME billing team right for you? Indeed, there is no quick answer or magic bullet. If the pain of high claims volumes and low team spirit is too much, then it is time to explore outsourcing.

Prochant’s medical billing experts are available to answer your questions. Email us to discuss your particular needs and explore possible solutions.

Next time, we will dig more deeply into staff augmentation. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest HME industry news and trends.

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