Why HME Providers Need Full Service Billing

We often talk on our blog about the pains HME businesses face each day. Tracking the wrong metrics. Fixed or increasing labor costs. Trouble managing a billing team.

Do these issues apply to your company?

If so, you might consider HME full service billing. This suite of services allows your business to outsource the management of your entire billing function, from order confirmation to collections.

(Tip: You can find the ins-and-outs of full service billing right here!)

HME full service billing is not a magic bullet. However, when you commit to working with an outsourcing partner such as Prochant, this service can help you succeed.

Here are three reasons you need to outsource your medical billing.

1. Get on the Right Track

Your daily challenges probably run the gamut. For example, you might face reduced reimbursements, rising labor rates, and complex medical billing.

Outsourcing through Prochant takes the weight off your HME billing team and your bottom line. Our team of experts has in-depth payer knowledge across all product and software lines and Medicare regions to skillfully manage your revenue cycle.

We are paid on a percentage of your collections, so we only get paid when you do!

2. Spend Time on What Matters

Spend your time on the core of your business!

Instead of managing accounts, speaking with insurance companies, and completing cash postings, you can focus on your patients and referrals from physicians, hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics. Additionally, you have access to a dedicated account team that monitors and reports on your progress.

3. Learn the Power of Partnership

Outsourcing your HME billing function with Prochant provides you with a partner in every aspect of the revenue cycle. For 20 years, Prochant has helped hundreds of HME companies improve their metrics, team morale, and businesses overall.

Our client, Steve Mamangakis of Physicians Choice, says, “Working with Prochant, we have gone from 43% accounts receivable (AR) over 90 days to just south of 13%. In this audit rich environment, this result is phenomenal.”

If you are ready to try HME full service billing with a trusted revenue cycle partner, contact us today!

Prochant is the nation’s leading HME billing and process outsourcing company. Our highly-skilled team helps providers become more profitable by outsourcing or enhancing front- and back-office processes. We rapidly implement changes and proactively monitor metrics to ensure client success. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, we work with top medical equipment providers and health systems.