What is HME Full Service Billing?

Let’s explore a popular solution to better manage your HME billing.

Running a successful HME business requires considerable time, effort, and heart.

Daily challenges such as reimbursement cuts, fixed or increasing labor costs, and complex medical billing processes leave little time to focus on what really matters: quality patient care and provider referrals. In addition, you may be frustrated that your key performance indicators (KPIs) are moving in the wrong direction.

Take a deep breath! You are not alone.

Providers are searching for better ways to serve their patients, including the 10,000 people turning 65 each day. From new revenue streams to new technologies, the possibilities for quality patient care are plentiful, but complex.

What if you could positively impact your patients’ care?

HME full service billing is one solution. Whether you and your team already have help in place – staff augmentation, for instance – or have little outsourcing experience, there is room to breathe and space to grow. Full service billing is an affordable answer.

Defining Full Service Billing

What is HME full service billing?

Full service billing is a suite of services that outsources the management of your entire billing function. You will select an outsourcing partner to manage these processes. This company becomes precisely that: a partner in all aspects of your revenue cycle.  



A full service billing partnership is powerful. For example, your partner will weather deductible season with you and handle your claims with confidence.

Most importantly, your outsourcing partner is paid on a percentage of collections. What does that mean for you? Your partner only gets paid when you get paid.

Instead of managing accounts, speaking to insurance companies, and completing cash postings, you will care for your patients and grow your referrals from physicians, hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics.

Full service billing takes the weight off your billing team and your bottom line.

Diving Deeper

Your outsourcing partner should provide you with a menu of their services. However, these options may vary. Let’s take a look at Prochant’s menu to better understand HME full service billing.

Full Service Billing includes…

  •    Order confirmations
  •    CMN QA and logging (part of holds)
  •    CMN hold monitoring
  •    Auths hold monitoring
  •    Other hold monitoring
  •    Claims review
  •    Electronic claims submission
  •    Printed claims submission
  •    Claims rejections
  •    Cash postings (all payers)
  •    Claims correspondence
  •    Denial management
  •    A/R management
  •    Account management & reporting

Full Service Billing doesn’t include…

  •    Fax wrangling
  •    Patient data entry
  •    Order data entry
  •    Eligibility verification
  •    Prior authorization
  •    Audit response
  •    PAP resupply management
  •    Consignment closet management
  •    Document indexing / filing

Taking the Next Steps

Prochant’s suite of HME billing services helps providers become more profitable. In addition, our medical billing experts have in-depth payer knowledge across all product and software lines and Medicare regions.

Once you choose Prochant, you will have access to your dedicated account team, backed by industry best practices and continuous business intelligence.

Are you ready to transform your HME revenue cycle? If so, contact us today to see where your business stands. Our billing experts can work with you to get where you want to go – together.

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