WeInfuse Integrates with Prochant

Originally posted on PRWeb on June 21, 2023

WeInfuse Integrates with Prochant Pulse to Deliver Real-time Revenue Management Analytics & KPIs for Infusion Pharmacy Providers 

CHARLOTTE, NC., June 21, 2023 – Prochant, the only AI-driven infusion pharmacy reimbursement service, announced today that WeInfuse, the premier technology platform for infusion therapy and medication delivery in the US, now integrates with Prochant Pulse. This integration with Prochant Pulse, an innovative proprietary RCM workflow & analytics platform, enables efficient and proactive reimbursement operations, revolutionizing the way pharmacies manage their revenue cycles. 

Prochant Pulse, a state-of-the-art revenue cycle management (RCM) workflow & analytics platform, equips ambulatory infusion center (AIC), home infusion, specialty pharmacy, and other home-based care providers with streamlined monitoring and management of accounts receivable (AR) balances & related key performance metrics, such as days sales outstanding (DSO), AR aging, unbilled or held revenue, and cash. With 24/7 reimbursement monitoring and customized coaching, Prochant Pulse serves as a vital-signs monitor for pharmacy reimbursement processes. 

“Prochant Pulse's integration with WeInfuse reflects our commitment to empowering infusion providers through advanced technology. It is not just about effective revenue cycle management - it is about reshaping the industry standard and revolutionizing how providers optimize their operations," said Jon Love, Vice President of Pharmacy Services at Prochant. 

By leveraging Prochant Pulse, infusion pharmacy providers can benefit from: 

  • Faster and more successful A/R closures 
  • Reduced administrative and staffing costs 
  • Decreased human errors 
  • Reduced claim denials 
  • Improved cash flow 

Many clients utilizing Prochant services have experienced a DSO under 40 days. Their testimonials highlight the unwavering support from the Prochant team, which has enabled them to streamline their operations and allocate more energy towards delivering exceptional patient care. 

Jon Love, along with Prochant’s team of infusion pharmacy reimbursement experts, will be attending the National Infusion Center Association (NICA) Annual Conference happening June 23-24 in Miami. Visit Prochant’s booth #209 to see a demo of AI-driven tools and analytics in combination with our expert RCM team to optimize the reimbursement process. 

To schedule a demo of Prochant Pulse or to receive a complimentary reimbursement audit, visit prochant.com or email marketing@prochant.com 


WeInfuse is the premier technology and consulting provider for infusion therapy and medication delivery in the U.S. The WeInfuse software platform powers over 700 infusion centers across the country. Backed by decades of experience, WeInfuse consulting services guide clients through the dynamic infusion landscape. 

WeInfuse has expanded its software platform to include a complete home infusion and specialty pharmacy workflow. WeInfuse software helps organizations operate efficiently, maximize profitability, decrease burnout, and improve clinical outcomes. Its powerful, intuitive features for infusion workflows and a robust reporting and analytics engine help take the confusion out of infusion. 

To learn more, email marketing@weinfuse.com or visit www.weinfuse.com. 

Prochant is the only AI-driven reimbursement service provider in the home-based care industry. We deliver focused revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions to healthcare providers with 7 wholly-owned global delivery centers. Our expertise lies in providing end-to-end RCM for home-based care, infusion, and specialty pharmacies, consistently delivering exceptional results to some of the leading healthcare providers in the country. We harness specialized automation technology and deep industry knowledge to streamline the time-consuming and expensive reimbursement process. As a result, we help healthcare providers accelerate their collections, increase revenue, and reduce operational costs while managing risk. Prochant is HITRUST certified, the gold standard for HIPAA security.