The Power of Partnerships in HME Billing

Strong partnerships are crucial in any HME billing business.

HME billing partnerships take many forms: from industry publications and associations to advocacy groups and influencers. At Prochant, we find particular value in our partnerships with Universal Software Solutions and Computers Unlimited (CU), two of our industry’s top billing software providers.

Prochant has many clients on Universal’s HDMS platform and CU’s TIMS platform. By working together, we can strengthen the HME industry. A strong industry builds strong companies and even stronger client relationships!

We recently saw these partnerships in action at the Universal Users Conference and the TIMS Users Group Conference. From networking to speaking sessions, these HME billing software conferences reaffirmed why partnering with Universal and CU is so significant.

Don’t let us convince you about the power of partnerships in HME billing, though.

We’ll let our partners do the talking! We spoke with Lisa Anderson, Universal’s Education and Outreach Director, and Doug Iversen, CU’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

The Prochant-Universal Partnership

Partnering with Prochant allows us to expand the stellar support offered to our clients and reach beyond just a software solution. We trust the Prochant team to be in the trenches along side of us during a project that can be very overwhelming for a provider, like a new software implementation. I think Prochant does a great job of understanding providers, and that their work doesn’t get to stop just because a new project has started. Prochant has also been a great fit for our mutual clients after they’ve been on our solution for a while and want to take on a new challenge like a new line of business, expansion, or department retooling. We’ve seen Prochant be a great advocate for our clients, and help them to communicate complex software enhancements to us because they already speak our language.

The Prochant-CU Partnership

At TIMS Software, just as we strive to be a valued partner to our users, we also work to cultivate strong relationships with other organizations that can add value to our software. In our partnership with Prochant, for example, we’re proud to offer an integration that helps our users share data, take fewer steps, and get their billing work done faster, so they can focus on serving their patients.

Partner with Prochant

Are you ready to build stronger partnerships?

Prochant is ready to chat! Whether you are an HME provider, software platform, publication, or association in our industry, we have billing experts and thought leaders available to answer your questions and discuss how we can work together. Contact us now.

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