Maximizing Profitability, Creating Value in HME Billing

Medtrade Fall was a major event for HME billing teams — here’s why.

Medtrade Fall brought together the brightest minds in the home medical equipment (HME) industry – and Prochant led the charge. A top HME billing and process outsourcing company, Prochant shared key insights on leading complex respiratory programs, creating business value, managing the back office, and understanding federal regulations during the show from October 21-23 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Maximizing Profitability

Prochant’s Joey Graham joined VGM’s Dave Lyman for “Maximizing Profitability in Your Complex Respiratory Program.” This session explored the shift in and implications of the complex respiratory space from the boutique to the mainstream.

“More and more HME providers are getting involved,” says Graham. “There are increased investments in inventory and clinical staff members, so we have to explore how providers can maximize their profitability while providing amazing service to their patients and referrals.”

Creating Value

Mathew Mammen, co-founder of sleep software Somnoware and chairman at Prochant, spoke on “Value Migration in U.S. Healthcare: What It Means for You.” In this session, Mammen examined how value moves from outdated business models to modern business designs that are better able to meet customers’ needs.

Mammen provided examples from similar industries and connected them to current healthcare and HME trends such as consolidation, business closures, and new business models.

Managing the Back Office

Graham also presented on “Best Practices for Managing Your HME Back-office Operations.” This session dug deeply into best practices that encourage employee engagement, patient satisfaction, and company growth.

“HME businesses are feeling the pain, and it impacts one of their most crucial areas: back-office operations,” explains Graham. He adds, “We explored workflow, technology tools, incentives, and key metrics. Attendees analyzed their existing back-office operations and walked away with a plan for improving their collections.”

Following Federal Regulations

Sharon Briggman, Director of Training and Compliance at Prochant,” joined Kelly Grahovac of the Van Halem Group and David Gelbard of Parachute Health to talk about the growing number of federal regulations suppliers and clinicians face daily. The group presented “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Understanding the e-Prescribe Process, DMEPOS Templates, and Suggested Clinical Data Elements (CDEs).”

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