Infusion Back-Office Guide to Starting 2023 Strong

As 2022 comes to a close, we got a jump start on the upcoming year. Tina Ratliff, our Pharmacy Reimbursement Manager, stopped by The Modern Healthcare Back Office to discuss her infusion back-office resolutions for 2023.

Refine Training Methods

Her first resolution is to place extra emphasis on training. This objective is especially important for growing companies onboarding several employees at one time. Pharmacies need to train new hires as a group and individually to prevent workers from falling behind their coworkers. 

Another training-related objective is to condense all educational material into one highly accessible location. The easier information is to access, the more likely employees are to reference and study it. 

Identify What Needs Fixing

Take an unbiased look at your back-office processes to pinpoint the areas that need to be improved. Do your best to develop a plan that gradually corrects any inefficiencies using the resources your pharmacy already possesses.

Instead of implementing one drastic process change, get in the habit of making incremental adjustments throughout the year. Operate having an end goal in mind that everyone individually works toward accomplishing by the end of December. 

Plan & Policy Changes Preparation

The beginning of the year is when patients are most likely to experience changes in their insurance plans and policies. Pharmacies can't assume patients are going to take initiative and notify them about insurance changes.

Fortunately, there are tools pharmacies can utilize to make sure their benefits are verified at the end of the year. Some of the clearing houses offer batch benefit verification. A batch benefit verification runs a report in your system that generates a list of your active patients.

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

At the beginning of 2022, some Prochant employees committed to trying to improve their performance by 1% each day. Most people want to better themselves, however, doing too much too quickly often results in burnout. 

Much like exercising, whenever someone jumps right into a rigorous workout without warming up, it significantly increases the possibility of an injury occurring. Making small improvements daily is a more sustainable long-term approach to becoming more efficient.

Upcoming Webinar!

To join Prochant and other infusion pharmacy providers on discussing the biggest lessons we learned in 2022 and what to do in 2023 to have the best back-office year ever, register here for our upcoming webinar taking place Thursday, December 15, at 2 p.m. ET.

Podcast Episode

An opportunity for a fresh start makes the beginning of the year the ideal time for pharmacies to start making positive changes. Finish your year off strong by taking less than 10 minutes to hear the rest of our expert’s resolutions for 2023 in the episode below:


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