In Focus: The HME Front Office

Home medical equipment (HME) businesses are struggling to survive as rising labor rates, overworked employees, and reimbursement cuts impact the industry. As a result, providers are often understaffed, yet under pressure to grow headcount and revenues.

In turn, team morale, patient care, and bottom lines suffer.

For 20 years, Prochant’s highly-skilled team has helped hundreds of companies become more profitable through superior HME billing services. We often meet providers who experience these pain points, and as a result, have trouble managing back-office processes such as order confirmation, claims transmission, and front-end rejections.

But, a strong back office starts with a strong front office. So, we are breaking down HME front office operations for you below.

The Front Office, Unpacked

Improving your back office begins with knowing your front office.

Although these teams work separately, running each area smoothly helps to ensure the collective success of your revenue cycle. Below are the steps we see as crucial to HME front office operations.

The front office begins with new orders from referral sources such as physicians, hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics. These referrals are inbound calls from patients and stakeholders including employees, payers, and vendors.

Before fulfilling these orders, your staff reviews patients’ information and insurance to verify and receive authorization of coverage for the requested HME. They also reach out at this time to patients who qualify to receive another order of supplies.

Fine-tune Your Operations

Are you struggling with your HME front office? Our HME billing experts are here to help. To speak with a trusted revenue cycle partner, contact us today!

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