Improve Your Infusion Reimbursement with These Quick Tips

Simplify your home infusion billing with a little help from our experts.

In last week’s blog, we talked about three ways to better manage your infusion pharmacy reimbursement. From intake issues to billing errors, our experts shared what to do to improve your infusion reimbursement.

Now, Jon Love and Tina Ratliff are back with more guidance. See their latest infusion tips below.

1. Manage contracts carefully.

Every infusion pharmacy requires contract management. When pharmacies fail to manage these contracts properly, the results can be devastating. So, how does this happen?

Infusion pharmacy contracts fail without:

  • Clear, detailed communication,
  • Proper entry into your software, and
  • Timely updates and billing rules.

2. Document your appeals.

Does your billing team deal with poor documentation? If so, fully document any appeals and communicate about them quickly. Additionally, you need to capture key information on calls, including the appeals address and call reference number.

3. Follow up on collections.

Poor collections follow-up can prevent successful reimbursement. For example, billers may rush through denials and explanation of benefits forms; as a result, these forms might lack important details. They might also fail to apply pressure on high-dollar, aging receivables or fully resolve all claims.

So, what can you do?

By being detailed, thorough, and persistent, you can improve your pharmacy reimbursement. In addition, you can speak with Prochant’s infusion experts today. They are here to answer your questions and see if our solutions are a good fit for your pharmacy.

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