An Important Message on COVID-19

Prochant takes seriously the health and safety of our clients and employees.

Prochant’s commitment to its clients remains strong as we closely monitor the status of the COVID-19
pandemic. This week, our executive team gathered to discuss the continuity plan we will
implement in the event of a business disruption. We take this situation seriously for the health,
safety, and success of our clients and our U.S.- and India-based staff.

Our primary concern is the availability of resources to perform daily activities. As a result, we
considered the best practices for business continuity plans – specifically, creating what is known
as prioritization and engagement. If we need to carry out our continuity plan, we will explore
our available resources and prioritize what can be accomplished within these constraints. Next,
we will engage each phase of our plan accordingly.

Our clients are integral to our overall success. If our staff is reduced, we may tap into alternate
resources to divide responsibilities. Our goal remains the same: helping our clients support their
patients during this time of uncertainty.

To that end, we can commit the following to you at this time:

All processes have been identified as low, medium, high, and critical.

We may experience disruptions to our services as the virus impacts our available resources. If
this happens, we will place low- and medium-priority processes on hold to prioritize high- and
critical-level processes. Clients can anticipate backlogs for lower level processes. While unavoidable,
these tasks will be cleared as soon as possible once we are back online.

Back-ups have been established in case of complete disruption.

We are preparing for the possibility of a complete business disruption to our operations in India.
If this occurs, we may need to shift some high- and critical-priority processes – EV/PA, fax
wrangling, intake, and billing – to the client or to Prochant’s U.S.-based account
management team until we are back online.

All U.S. team members have been cleared to work from home.

Each U.S.-based employee has a laptop and has permission to work remotely during this time.

We continue to build out the details of this plan. Please stay tuned to our blog and our social media on LinkedIn and Twitter @prochant. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today.

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