Deductible Dilemma: How to Avoid a Cash Flow Slump

Does it feel like each year, deductible season gets longer? As an HME or pharmacy provider, do you know the risks and your options to mitigate the “deductible dilemma”? Prochant and our partner Allegiance Group are here to give you tips to survive and thrive this deductible season.

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There has been consistent growth in patient’s annual health insurance deductibles. One reason is the growth in High Deductible Health Plan enrollment. When you couple higher deductibles with the fact that nearly 40 percent of adults in 2018 could not cover an unexpected expense of $400, it reinforces how important it is for HME and pharmacy providers to focus on the collections during intake and the first 90 days.

During our webinar, we will discuss the deductible dilemma’s risk, reviewing your collections policy, and how you can educate patients on responsibility at intake. Learn about even minor changes you can make to deliver big results.

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