How Secure Is Outsourcing in 2022?

Operating an in-house team is not always painless and affordable. Due to RCM departments across the country facing a severe labor shortage, pharmacy and HME providers are turning to outsourcing for their front and back offices. As the nation’s leading technology-driven healthcare reimbursement service organization for home-based care, Prochant gets asked questions all the time about outsourcing, especially as a global company.

To take the pulse of the infusion pharmacy industry in 2022 and to help inform providers about outsourcing, Prochant VP of Pharmacy Services, Jon Love, was recently asked about the most common questions he receives from providers. Three of the top questions relate to security, time zones, and location of client data.

Data Security

“Security tends to be the subject we receive the most questions on. ‘Do you have any security issues being a global company?’ There are security issues everywhere, in every industry,” Jon Love explained.

Fortunately, Prochant takes the necessary precautions in combating potential threats by utilizing the most advanced and effective security option available. Prochant has gone through the rigorous process of becoming HITRUST CSF Certified. The HITRUST Alliance program is the gold standard in data security and risk management, edging out HIPAA and other security programs. Prochant is proud to be a trusted revenue cycle partner to providers across America.

Handling Time Zones

Another question Jon Love and other Prochant experts frequently receive is, “How do you handle time zones?”

Our services come equipped with a global hybrid workforce of U.S. managers and teams stationed across the planet. This allows us to staff adequately. 

“Prochant operates predominantly in the Eastern Time Zone,” Jon said. “That being said, we do utilize both day and night shifts globally. Challenges regarding time zones are easier to accomplish than prospective clients initially assume.” 

For Prochant, our global collection team works the night shift, which is also the U.S. day shift. This enables our entire collection team to call payers during the day in the states. Prochant's global night shifts consist of billing, cash posting, report running, and other related tasks that can typically be completed at any time. Many of our clients love the fact that they can scan in cash deposits before they leave for the afternoon, then the next morning when they come in, those same deposits have already been posted overnight.

Data Locations

An additional misconception we are used to encountering is people thinking that working with a global workforce results in their data leaving the United States. To that, Jon Love said, “Client data does not leave the United States. Just because we have a global workforce does not mean our data centers aren’t in America. We house customer data and dial into their system all domestically here in the United States." 

When it comes to outsourcing, the concept of getting what you pay for holds true, just like it does in other industries. Occasionally, prospects will decide to go with a competitor because they have a drastically lower hourly rate. 

“We understand we're not for everyone,” Jon Love said. “Our methods were designed for individuals searching for sophistication and process through scalability, enterprise, and the ability to apply notable manpower to an account. If a potential client is looking for one or two people to lackadaisically handle their operations, we would tell them it would be in their best interest to explore other options.”

Considering outsourcing your reimbursement department? Prochant offers an End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management solution that lets you outsource your back office and Focused Solutions that allow our team to become a seamless extension of yours. 

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