HME Providers: Improve Your Bottom Line with These 3 Tips

Let’s discuss the conversations you need to have with your patients, referral sources, and outsourcing vendors.

When running an HME business, including a resupply program, you may feel overwhelmed by the work and communication involved. You might think, “I want to help my patients, but how do I stay afloat?” Indeed, your bottom line matters. Discover how to improve your bottom line with these quick tips.

1. Talk with your patients.

Patients are the most important part of your business, including your resupply program. Your patients are your consumers, so engaging with them earlier is better. Specifically, providers that reach out to patients early have better compliance with resupply programs. These patients are also more likely to arrange follow-up conversations and appointments with their providers.

If this process sounds daunting, you are not alone. You or your team could follow up with each patient after their appointment. But, there is an easier way: automating these reminders. Working with a resupply partner, you can set up a system to send communications to your patients regarding appointments and supply reordering. For example, you can even send messages prompting patients to enroll in your resupply program!

2. Talk to your referral sources.

Adding new patients is difficult, but valuable, especially during the pandemic. Referrals are the main way to grow your customer base. Carefully consider your referral sources: Are there additional physicians, home health services, or skilled nursing facilities where you can establish and expand your referral sources?

3. Talk with resupply outreach vendors.

Many providers struggle with the amount of resources required to successfully implement a resupply program. So, why not speak with resupply outreach vendors? You might save time and money by working with an outsourcing partner. Your patients will receive more frequent and consistent follow-up and access to needed supplies. At the same time, you will see less paperwork, fewer headaches, and increased revenue.

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