HME Billing White Papers to Grow Your Business

Is your HME business financially healthy? Whether you're meeting your goals or have room to improve, now is always a good time to boost your financial growth. That's why Prochant continues to create educational resources for HME providers like you. So, let's explore some HME billing white papers to grow your business today and position it for success tomorrow.  

1. Are You Tracking the Right Metrics?

Home medical equipment (HME) providers are experiencing painful times due to price pressures and complex medical billing processes. Quite often, patient care and the day-to-day challenges of billing occupy our minds.

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2. Best Practices for Managing Your Back Office

In this Prochant white paper, we share the best practices for managing your back office to encourage employee engagement, patient satisfaction, and company growth.

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3. Best Practices for Resupply Management

In this white paper, Prochant revisits the fundamentals of resupply management. Rachel Schools, Senior Consultant, and Shannon Guilfoil, Reimbursement Success Advocate, offer guidance on how to manage resupply programs for sustainable provider and patient success.

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