Your HME Billing Guide for Deductible Season

We’ve rounded up the resources you need to weather deductible season.

Deductible season is coming. Is your HME billing team ready to weather this storm? We have prepared a round-up of important resources to strengthen your cash flow during this time. This is your HME Billing Guide for Deductible Season.

Let’s look at the HME billing articles that will prepare you for the new year.

1. Improve HME Cash Flow in Deductible Season

Don’t get left out in the cold this deductible season. Each January, providers face a familiar freeze and depend on secondary and patient payments to survive. Keep your collections going with four tested strategies.

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2. How to Streamline the HME Cash Posting Process

Cash posting is a crucial part of the HME revenue cycle. In fact, there are several ways to streamline this process to save your billing team time and effort during deductible season. These tips can also prevent errors and backlogs.


3. Best Practices for Tracking HME Revenue

Your cash flow matters. However, it is not the only way to measure your revenue. Discover the best practices for tracking your revenue from Joey Graham, Prochant’s EVP and General Manager.

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4. How to Bring Innovation to Your HME Company

Is there a right time for providers to innovate? Deductible season might be the answer. Even in tough times, there are ways to advance your HME business. Learn three approaches that will set you apart from your competitors.

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