HME Billing in 2020: The Power of Community

Does success in HME billing live outside of the office?

Happy New Year!

As 2020 comes into full swing, we are reflecting on what might define the HME industry in the new decade. This three-part series focuses on 1) community, 2) culture, and 3) connection. Join us as we explore these ideas, their impact, and how to implement them within your billing team.

The Meaning of Community

What does community mean to you?

Maybe you think of your neighborhood or city. Maybe it’s your coworkers or family. Prochant is grateful to be part of the HME community, caring for our clients so that they can focus on their patients.

As part of this industry, we have learned the importance of giving back to our local community. That’s why we recently teamed up with Supportive Housing Communities (SHC), a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide affordable housing to alleviate homelessness and human suffering.

We donated a sofa, coffee table, and two twin beds, among other items.

twin beds for supportive housing communitiesTwin beds donated by Prochant to Supportive Housing Communities

The Power of Community

We remain grateful for the positive impact our donations had on the recipients. For example, Peggy Roche of SHC told us, “Those [twin beds] were used on a move this past Saturday, and the mother cried when she saw them, since her children had never had their own beds before.”

Giving back creates lasting memories for the recipients and the donors alike. We worked together toward a good cause, built stronger bonds with each other, and gained a greater appreciation for our community.

As a result, we finished the year strong! Prochant is filled with gratitude that keeps on giving and growth that keeps on going. As we explore more ways to give back, we encourage you to do the same.

You, too, might find success through the power of community.

Where to Find Community

Where else can you cultivate community? The HME industry is a great place to start.

State Associations

Start locally! Join your state’s HME associations. From New York to California, associations host shows where members network with their fellow providers and attend educational sessions on industry regulations, business tips, and more. You will connect with and learn about your corner of the industry.

Medtrade Spring and Fall

No event is bigger than Medtrade. Whether you attend Las Vegas in the spring or Atlanta in the fall, each show offers educational round tables, sessions, and workshops; space to meet with prospective and current customers; and plenty of time to experience the latest products, software, and services.

Advocacy with AAHomecare

Do you want to create change in the industry? If so, get involved at the grassroots level with AAHomecare. This group represents, protects, and advances the interests of our community. Initiatives include federal and state policy, competitive bidding, Medicaid, and other reforms.

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