HME Billing in 2020: Creating Connections

Getting — and staying — connected will be crucial for HME in the 2020s.

Last week on our blog, we talked about why company culture matters and how it might define the HME industry in the new decade. Now, let’s dive deeply into another aspect: creating connections.

In this digital age, social media connects us like never before. Its benefits are especially evident in the business world: lead generation, brand awareness, networking, and more. According to Hootsuite, a leader in social media listening, this channel will continue to play a crucial role in the new decade.

At Prochant, we see the positive effects of social media on our company and our industry. That’s why we are sharing some of Hootsuite’s social media projections for the 2020s. In addition, we offer tips to tailor these trends to your HME company.

Social Media and HME in the 2020s

Aren’t you ready to better connect with your customers? Let’s dive right in.

Expand Your Company’s Social Networks

Hootsuite’s data suggest that social media, especially Instagram, will grow in popularity with older demographics over the next decade. Do many of your customers, both current and prospective, fall into this category? If so, now is a great time to launch an Instagram account. Help customers learn about your company, your team, and your equipment with relevant hashtags, engaging photos, and stories.

Help Customers Find Your Products

Your customers likely research before they buy. Now, you have the chance to help them find your products on social media such as Facebook and even LinkedIn. Let’s say you want to promote your newest CPAP offerings: You might pay to sponsor a post, announce the offer on Facebook’s Messenger app, or even link to purchase your offerings through an Instagram post.

Consider Video Marketing

Did you know that more than half of social media users watch videos on their feeds? Don’t fret: These videos don’t have to be fancy or complicated. Your phone’s camera is the key to interacting with your customers in new, engaging ways. For example, you could film a 30-second video introducing your team and your offerings to your followers. Video makes your company — that is, your brand — relatable.

Make the Move to Mobile

More and more users are accessing social media on their mobile devices. What does this mean for the HME industry? Customers will reach out on messaging apps more frequently than reaching out via phone or even email. So, prepare to be active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You might task one or two of team members to monitor these apps for incoming messages, comments, and reviews.

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