DME Billing: Resources for Your New Normal

Explore our round-up of resources to help your DME team during and after COVID-19.

DME billers and HME providers: Thank you. As our industry has banded together to fight COVID-19, you have been on the front lines of this pandemic. That is why we have compiled some of our most popular HME / DME billing resources to help your business as you move forward.

Below are some DME billing resources for your new normal.

1. DME Billing: 6 Tips to Cope with COVID-19

Learn how to move through the COVID-19 crisis with these tips from our Executive Vice President and General Manager, Joey Graham.

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2. HME Billing in 2020: Creating Connections

Now, more than ever before, staying connected to our industry, current customers, and prospective customers is crucial. Learn how social media can boost your business.

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3. DME Billing: Medicare Procedures for DMEPOS

Refresh your DME billing on the fundamentals of proper Medicare procedures. Going back to the basics will help create a strong foundation for your company.

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4. Building a Strong HME Billing Team

Teamwork is incredibly vital right now. In these fragile times, building (or rebuilding) a strong billing team helps you to keep the lights on, keep customers, and move forward strongly.

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5. DME Billing: 4 Tips for Smart Outsourcing

Finally, you might consider outsourcing to get your DME billing team back on track. Get these tips to ensure that you explore outsourcing efficiently and effectively.

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