Beyond the Drip Podcast: Insights from Reece Norris, COO of WeInfuse

The Importance of Finding Strategic Partners in a Complex Industry 

Welcome to “Beyond the Drip,” where we dive into the fascinating world of Infusion Pharmacy, from Home Infusion to Ambulatory Infusion Centers. Expect topical conversations on the latest happenings in Infusion from industry leaders who will bring you the latest news, trends and innovations in the infusion industry, as well as expert insights and stories to keep you informed and inspired.  

This inaugural episode of "Beyond the Drip," features Reece Norris, co-founder and COO of WeInfuse, as the primary guest and source of insights. Hosted by Jon Love, VP of Pharmacy Services at Prochant, with co-hosts Brandon Carpenter, president of MedEdge Solutions, Pam McIntyre, founder and owner of Expert Infusion Nurse Consulting, and Brian O’Sullivan, president of The O’Sullivan Group, the episode brings together industry experts who pose questions to Reece about the complexities innate to the infusion industry and his experiences addressing them with WeInfuse. 

Key themes addressed in this podcast include: 

  • How WeInfuse tapped into an underserved market in home infusion dispensing software 
  • The technologies that WeInfuse continues to develop to solve key industry problems, such as data access and consistency, as well as some examples of their recent product launches 
  • How the industry is addressing increasing cybersecurity and compliance challenges 
  • Frustrations with the dynamic reimbursement landscape and the need for better billing solutions 
  • The service mindset that has helped propel the growth among all the co-hosts’ businesses 
  • The formation of the National Infusion Center Association (NICA) to enhance industry awareness and communication 

The podcast concludes with Reece emphasizing the importance of aligning oneself with providers like those featured in the podcast, as “it’s such a complex industry where the rules are changing constantly.” 

Stay tuned for our next podcast to be launched next month!  

Guest Speaker:  Reece Norris, co-founder and COO of WeInfuse 

Reece Norris has a diverse background in healthcare and technology startups. With experience in founding and leading multiple companies in the healthcare industry, Reece has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way infusion centers operate. As the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of WeInfuse, Reece has played a key role in centralizing and streamlining infusion center management, addressing critical challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. Reece's passion for improving patient access to medications is evident through their involvement with the National Infusion Center Association. With a strong educational background in law and finance, Reece brings a unique skill set to their leadership roles in the healthcare sector. 

Beyond the Drip Co-hosts:

Jon Love, VP of Pharmaceutical Services at Prochant  

Jon Love joined Prochant in 2020 and was previously director of sales for WellSky's home care division and COO for Rock Pond Solutions, a software provider for home infusion, HME and specialty pharmacies.

Pamela McIntyre, founder and owner of Expert Infusion Nurse Consulting 

With 40 years of experience in infusion nursing, Pam founded Expert Infusion Nurse Consulting to advance excellence in infusion and mentor other infusion professionals. Her certifications include CRNI, IgCN, OCN and VA-BC, and she has an immersive background in home infusion and ambulatory infusion in the fields of acute and chronic care, including oncology nursing. 

Brandon Carpenter, president of MedEdge Solutions 

Brandon Carpenter is the owner and founder of MedEdge Solutions. With more than 12 years of experience in pharmacy solutions, process improvement and data analytics, Brandon takes an active role in each of our projects. Prior to forming MedEdge, Brandon was the Director of Products and Professional Services at Rock-Pond Solutions where he worked with over 250 pharmacies nationwide to solve problems ranging from system integrations, financial reporting, 340B, Limited Drug Distribution, software management and more. He is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas where he received his bachelor's in business & information systems, as well as his Master of Business Administration.  

Brian O’Sullivan, president of The O’Sullivan Group 

 Brian O’Sullivan formed The O’Sullivan Group, Inc. in February 1999 to serve health care providers with managed care and provider business development services.  Over the years, The O’Sullivan Group has also been sought out by Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid plans to assist with network development needs. His vision for The O’Sullivan Group, Inc. was to bring real world know-how by offering the same level of service and expertise for both large and small companies that are enjoyed by major Fortune 1000 organizations. 

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