Bellevue Healthcare optimizes Revenue Cycle Management with Prochant

Bellevue Healthcare, a leading provider of durable medical equipment in the Pacific Northwest, has consistently grown and earned prestigious accolades, including being named Provider of the Year in 2022 and making the "100 Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies" list for seven consecutive years.

As their operations expanded, the need for a robust Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) infrastructure became paramount to meet the increasing reimbursement demands. However, challenges in scaling the in-house RCM team, such as hiring, training, and retention issues, posed significant barriers to flexibility and growth.

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Prochant is the only AI-driven reimbursement service provider in the home-based care industry. We deliver focused revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions to healthcare providers with 7 wholly-owned global delivery centers. Our expertise lies in providing end-to-end RCM for home-based care, infusion, and specialty pharmacies, consistently delivering exceptional results to some of the leading healthcare providers in the country. We harness specialized automation technology and deep industry knowledge to streamline the time-consuming and expensive reimbursement process. As a result, we help healthcare providers accelerate their collections, increase revenue, and reduce operational costs while managing risk. Prochant is HITRUST certified, the gold standard for HIPAA security. For more information, please visit