Applying Key HME Metrics to Decision Making

Looking at the right KPIs is crucial to the decision-making process.

Metrics matter in every aspect of your business. In a recent blog post, we showed you how to calculate common HME metrics. Now, let’s talk about the next step: applying key HME metrics to decision making.

HME metrics provide important insights into providers’ financial health. Did you know there are two ways to gather these insights? Let’s look at these methods so you can make the best decisions for your business.

Trend Analysis

KPIs such as DSO, 90+ A/R, and open orders don’t happen in a vacuum. Instead, try tracking these metrics across a 6-to-12 month period. You might notice several trends following this process. For example,  you may see a downward trend in your DSO, but an uptick in your 90+ A/R. With your DSO in check (the fewer days, the better!), you have the opportunity to analyze why your A/R is going in the wrong direction.

Negative trends are cause for alarm. However, they also allow you to course-correct.

Benchmark Analysis

With these trends in hand, you’re ready to compare them and your current period against common industry standards. Knowing where you stand among your competitors is important to knowing where you stand as a business.

Benchmarks for common HME metrics are below. These benchmarks are general in nature and largely apply to traditional HME providers who focus on respiratory products.

hme metrics industry benchmarks

Our experts are available to answer questions about your metrics. Schedule a call to receive a complimentary audit of your database against industry benchmarks.

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