3 Infusion Pharmacy Webinars for Business Success

Add these specialty pharmacy webinars to your "must watch" list today. 

How many virtual events have you attended in the last year? With pharmacy trade shows and special events going online, you might feel overwhelmed or even experience virtual event burnout. That's why Prochant's infusion pharmacy experts developed no non-sense, 30-minute webinars that offer industry tips, tricks, and best practices. There's no fluff, only the knowledge you need. Let's look at a few now. Here are three infusion pharmacy webinars for business success.

1. Timely Filing & Collections: Why They Matter for Pharmacy Success 

Your specialty pharmacy contains several moving pieces and parts. With so many daily reimbursement challenges, you might lack the resources needed for a crucial part of your revenue cycle: timely filing and collections. Join Prochant's infusion experts, Jon Love and Tina Ratliff for an on-demand webinar that discusses why timely filing and collections matter for pharmacy success.

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2. Contract Management: The Foundation of Successful Pharmacy Reimbursement

Successful infusion reimbursement involves consistent contract management. Payer contracts are the best and worst parts of your pharmacy business. They help you to grow and manage across patient lines, but also are sources of constant change and frustration.

Join Prochant's infusion experts, Jon Love and Tina Ratliff, for an on-demand webinar discussing the most effective tips and tricks to successfully manage your contracts in CPR+ or CareTend. You'll walk away with the knowledge needed to put your patients -- and your contracts -- first.

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3. 6 Points of Failure for Infusion Reimbursement

Join Prochant's infusion pharmacy reimbursement experts, Jon Love and Tina Ratliff, for this on-demand webinar that guides you through six of the most common ways that pharmacy providers fail when it comes to reimbursement. You'll walk away from this webinar with the knowledge of what not to do and a foundation to better manage your pharmacy reimbursement.

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