New Year - New Mindset: 10 Tips to Infuse Optimism in the Office

Let’s face it, the last two years have been tough. We have all shared suffering because of the pandemic. Rather than focusing on the negatives of the past couple of years, this new year, reflect on the lessons learned and infuse optimism throughout your organization. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures, like truly getting back to basics. Make 2022 the year of inspiration and purpose.

This time of year always brings to the forefront “goals” in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. For many, this process has become so mechanical and associated with failure that many:

  • Do not set goals / resolutions
  • Set goals and then abandon them within 30 days (of course, the fitness industry counts on this!)

Compound this with the challenges we have all faced due to the pandemic and goal setting may seem incredibly tough. How could we ever achieve our goals when we are collectively dealing with staffing shortages, high turnover, increased cost of doing business, and all the resulting stress?

One of the positive things we have seen born from this pandemic is a renewal and rebirth of the Power of Optimism and a global acceptance of the “Information Age.” What a great time for goals and optimism to be alive! Goals are the “oxygen” to an optimistic work environment.

Prochant extends the following tips for leaders to authentically infuse optimism in the “office.”

1. Embody your own personal core values.
2. Align with your purpose.
3. Get to know your team members. (Can you name the spouse of each of your direct reports? Kids?)
4. Align team members with their core strengths.
5. Encourage and support personal goal setting.
6. Collaborate on Team Goals, set a weekly or bi-weekly cadence for check-ins and re-alignment.
7. Keep team members “in the know” and use strong collaboration tools.
8. Allow team members to travel (tour of duty) to other areas of the business to contribute their talents in helping the business succeed.
9. Extend options for flexible work arrangements.
10. Frequently check the pulse of your teams. Do not wait for quarterly/yearly surveys.

We at Prochant wish all providers a happy and prosperous 2022.

Written by: Rachel Schools, Senior Consultant, Prochant

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